Hi there. I'm Nicole.

Curve ASC is my London based Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy practice.


Elements of my experience are within but not limited to the following:

    •        1-1 Therapy Sessions
    •        Group Sound Baths
    •        Ritual Sonics

    •        Sound for Movement

    •        Collaboration

I am passionate about the capabilities of Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy to create change in one’s life - helping us to live our lives with more resources, resiliency and compassion.

As we move increasingly towards a more realistic acknowledgement of the entanglement of mind-body connection in regard to physical and mental health; I believe that utilisation of Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), will become increasingly normalised in preventative and curative healthcare. A return to source.

Sound acts as a mirror, through which we can process various situations through abstract terms, thereby enlisting the assistance of unconscious processes. Hypnotherapy acts as a framework for objectively looking at our mental processes, and for creating personally tailored techniques that cater to the way that our mind works. 

Utilising these powerful mediums for reflection and personal development, we can healthily process ongoing events in our lives, manage stress and anxiety levels, enhance existing skills, remove unwanted conditioning or habits and find practical solutions to attain our goals. This allows for more agency and self awareness. Enabling us to feel more connected to a bigger picture, a larger story, the world around us and each other.

Within a sound therapy session, all encompassing vibrations aid in unravelling the accumulated constructs of the reactive self. Bringing us to a state of wholeness and integration. It can also allow us to travel. Catalysing inward journeys and dreamlike visions. Providing flashes of insight. The sound is supported by discussion and reflection, helping you to focus and frame your experience in aid of your desired outcomes.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Kind regards,

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho.

Member of Societies: 
TSA - Therapeutic Sound Association.
BSCH - British Society for Clinical Hypnotherapy.