Hi, I'm Nicole, my pronouns are they / them.

Curve ASC is my London based integrative Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy practice. I am offering therapy in one to one sessions, and also hold space for meditative group sound baths.

Therapeutic sound sessions take place within a meditative framework, for looking closely at our how we are operating on various levels - such as mentally, emotionally and physically.

Providing an opportunity for reflection, clarity and insight. 


Immersing in sonic vibration in this way can help to make space for a therapeutic kind of listening. Allowing all parts of us to speak and be present, to receive care. Engaging in a personal practice, that supports us in living from a place of integrated wholeness.

Utilising these powerful and creative mediums for reflection, care and personal development, we can safely and healthily process events in our lives, as well as encourage our personal skills and resources to emerge and thrive. Helping us to develop the tools that we need to increase resiliency and authenticity in our lives.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you would like to come in for a session. I work on a sliding scale and am open to discuss a plan that suits your needs at this time.


Take care,

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho.

Member of Societies: 
TSA - Therapeutic Sound Association.
BSCH - British Society for Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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