Hi, I'm Nicole, my pronouns are they / them.

Curve ASC is my London based integrative Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy practice. I am offering:

   •        1-1 Therapy Sessions
   •        Group Sound Baths

I am passionate about the capabilities of Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy to create change in our lives; and to allow for compassion and care. Helping us to live with authenticity, confidence and resiliency - with greater access to our personal strengths and resources. 

Without ignoring larger structures of oppression in our society; and working with a holistic acknowledgement of the entanglement of mind-emotion-body in a reflective framework; I believe that we can mindfully alter our states of consciousness (ASC) through these practices, to nourish and restore ourselves as we move through life.


Immersing in sonic vibration in this way can help to hold space for a therapeutic kind of listening. Where we become more aware of internal processes, holding space for the various layers of ourselves that we may not have previously been unaware of consciously. Allowing all parts of us to speak and be present, to receive care. Engaging in a personal practice, that supports us in living from a place of integrated wholeness.

Sound can act as a mirror, through which we can process our experience. Due to its abstract nature, it invites the assistance of unconscious processes, holding space for meditation and introspection. It can support and nurture us, allowing for processing and integration or release. Catalysing dreamlike visions. Providing flashes of insight. Bringing us into greater intimacy with ourselves, and a deeper sense of connection to our own communities and values within the world around us.

Hypnotherapy can act as a framework for looking closely at our how our mental processes are operating in our daily lives. Providing an opportunity for deeper understanding, clarity and acceptance. Helping us to create personally tailored techniques that cater to the way that we process the world using language, imagery and narrative. It is also hugely powerful for creating techniques to calm and manage the nervous system, and to find practical solutions to navigate our experiences. At times it can come close to the art of symbol and metaphoric narrative, allowing us to access intuitive or non verbal faculties within.

Utilising these powerful and creative mediums for reflection and personal development; we can healthily process events in our lives and encourage our personal skills and resources to emerge and thrive. Harnessing our own creativity to heal, develop and grow.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to book a session.

I work on a sliding scale and am open to discuss a plan that suits your needs at this time.


Take care,

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho.

Member of Societies: 
TSA - Therapeutic Sound Association.
BSCH - British Society for Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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